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This is co-cyan, a japanese designer. This web site shows tips about “SketchUp”, “Twinmotion”, and other visualization tools.

What is visualization?

When we say “architectural visualization”, it means to make some images of the architecture which will be built in future, for appealing to clients or someone. It is the images, not the texts. Making appealing images are very important to planning not only architecture but also other design.

There are many ways to visualize, by hand, by CG software. Anyway, I will recommend to use mainly “SketchUp” and “Twinmotion”. This web site is made for people who want to make good images, but not be able to buy expensive software.

Already there are great tutorial movies in youtube, so please see them for how-to-use. In this website, I want to show some points that many biginners will be annoyed, or tips you may feel “good to know”!

That’s all, thank you!