【Twinmotion】Rendering from Eye Level


We usually make architectural perspective images from eye level (about 150cm), because how we can see is important. But in Twinmotion, we can not set camera height numerically. So, how we can render images from eye level?

In short, please press key “M”. You can descend to the ground and can see the world from eye level. You can switch Pedestrian mode and Fly mode using shortcut “M”. In pedestrian mode, you can move using arrow keys, and can look around using right drag.

That’s all! …Thanks for your visiting, I will explain a little bit more.

In fact, default eye level of Twinmotion is 1.7m. It seems to be higher than us Japanese. To change this, at first please enter BIM motion mode by shortcut “F12”.

Please click Y button on the bottom of the screen, and gear icon, then you can set “Sight hight”. Please input the value as you want.

After you input the value, click OK, and close the window of the BIM motion mode. That’s it!

I think it is better if we can set default value, but now we can not (as of 2019.10.24). If you want to set accurate eye height, please do this operation when you create new project.

Rendering from eye level is also important to make VR/360 panorama image. Please see this article↓ (under translating, sorry! 2019. 11. 16)


That’s all. Thank you!